Earn more with memberships

Take your fan relationships to the next level with Jemi Memberships and generate stable, predictable income.

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You deserve stable, predictable income 💰

Memberships allow you to make recurring, predictable income through monthly payments from your fans. 

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Form stronger fan relationships 💕

Provide exclusive posts, messaging, content and community they can't get anywhere else. Offer additional benefits on top of that.

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Work less, earn on your own schedule 🏖

Never feel pressured to put out super professional content on a schedule. Create on your own terms and be your authentic self.

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How it works

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    Create your membership

    Create a membership through our dashboard. Specify the monthly price and benefits associated with the membership.

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    Post gated content

    Post exclusive videos, links, text posts to make your membership look more enticing.

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    Share and earn recurring revenue

    Share your membership with your audience and earn recurring revenue. See your earnings continue to grow every month with new paying members.

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